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Винтовые Конвейеры Машина для просеивания сыпучих материалов Установки приготовления и дозирования сухого вещества
Perlite Expansion Plant


From 5 to 20 cubic meter / hour perlite expansion plants as turn-key.


Highest Quality Perlite
• Uniform fractional densities
• Simple quality control
Low Maintenence
• No moving parts in expander
• Easily accessible components
• Rapid removability of unexpandables
• Standard replacement parts
Low Installation Cost
• Engineered to fit your plant
• Pre-assembled to minimize field modifications
• Pre-wired control system
High Versatility 
• Fast startup and shutdown 
• Immediate response to contrlos
• Simplified feed and pre-heat controls
• Makes diversified aggregates for use in plaster, concrete, acoustic tiles, refractories, soil conditioners, filter aid, insulation boards, etc.
Low Operation Cost
• High tonnage capacity 
• High product yield
• Highly automated
• Low fuel and power consumption


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