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Dry Mix Dry Mortar Production Plant


For generations, clients all over the world trust in Project Plus as a reliable partner keeping traditions and launching innovations.

Project Plus dry mix mortar plants comprise several individual sections prepared for the investor in a growing  market.


Investment in dry mix mortar plants with project plus means:


•             Profitable production of a wide range of products, which means individual adaption of mortars to market conditions

•             Cost saving, clean and wasteless production process

•             Sustainable production: supporting safety, health and environment

•             Quick and easy switch-over (exchange) to various  marketable dry mix mortar products of consistently high quality.


Capacities of dry mix mortar production (for glue, plaster and stucco):


• Dry Mix Plus Mini:  1-3 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus 5:      3-5 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus 10:    10 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus 15 :   15 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus 20:    20 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus 30:    30 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus 50:    50 ton / hour

• Dry Mix Plus Vert:  50-100 ton / hour


Project Plus offers:


•             State-of-the-art dry mix mortar plant technology

•             Packaging bulk and/or bag

•             Professional know-how and marketing tools

•             Highly qualified staff for installation,  commissioning and plant start-up

•             Laboratory and research services including development of mix formulate

•             Staff training

•             Comprehensive services covering all aspects of  plant and process operation. Sand – the main component Project Plus’s “dose and transfer” system for all,  additives: easy access all silos stand on the ground next to the dosing and mixing station


What is special; cooperate with Project Plus;



Production of dry mix mortar



1.Sand feeding

8.Binder batcher

2.Sand dryer

9.Additives dosing

3.Bucket elevator


4.Sieve for several particle sizes

11.Dry mix mortar pump

5.Chamber sand silo

12.Bag filling

6.Sand batcher


7.Binder silo

14.Bulk shipping


A wide range of products as a result of simply mixing it with water. Dry mix mortar is part of today’s job sites and appreciated by users all over the world.

Dry mix mortar is a well-mixed blend of various raw  materials and is supplied as a ready mix in suitable packs avoiding unused remainders.


Project Plus has developed dry mortar plants suitable for practically all demands, such as:


• proprietary adhesive and mortars  for aerated concrete

• glue mortar for ceramic wall tiles

• masonry mortar

• skim coat

• inside plaster

• outside stucco

• concrete

• floor screedBenefits for the builder

• Usage for many kinds of construction material, such as autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), rock, calcium silicate bricks, masonry blocks, tiles, joints, etc.

• Application manually or with rendering/ plastering machines

• Available in paper bags or in bulk


Dry mix mortar for universal application


Quality stucco, the decorative weather protection, applied with plastering machine

High quality, economic and flexible. Characterised outstanding precision,  productivity and reliability.


For over years, Project Plus  has been designing, building and installing  cost-efficient machinery and complete plants to produce construction materials, such as production plants for:


•  Dry mix mortar plants

•  Gypsum production plants

•  Perlite expantion Plants

•  Concrete admixture Plants

•  Grindidng and separation plants


We also offer upgrading of existing  plants from other suppliers to meet today’s latest technical standards.

As the global market leader to build plants for cement based building  materials, we also set standards in cost effectiveness and energy saving.

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